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Full Circle

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Let me help make a little sense of this whole thing. As you might’ve figured out by now we call ourselves Full Circle. Believe it or not this all started because the entrance to our place is a culdesac that we call “the circle” and other than that, in simple terms, we are just a bunch of northern rednecks who like to hunt and shit. Anybody can figure out “Full Circle” yea we work the land, we plant crops, fix problems, we tryn make our properties better than they were when we got our turn at em. And what brings it all “Full Circle”? Well…the harvest of course, butchering that deer, fileting that fish, shucking that corn, throwing it all on the damn grill. But we try to apply it to everything we do, it’s not all “wack em and stack em” as good old Uncle Ted would say. I promised an example so here it is, its’ simple but I think it makes my point - one of our pro staff members Dylan had couple years worth of euro mounts he did starting to pile of from years of success (must be nice). So he went out back found him a big ass stick, barked it, sanded it, stained it, and hung them bad boys off it. Look, we don’t think we are engineers or smarter than anyone else by any means. What I am saying is, when that seed sprouted 40 years ago and that tree grew noone, and I mean no one had any idea what that tree was gonna do. What I can tell you is, a few of those deer definitely walked under it, probably saw a few storms, heard a few things noone else did. Eventually a branch fell off to rot in the middle of the woods and probably trip me a couple times. Instead it was repurposed into a goddamn living room centerpiece. The point is even that seed can go “Full Circle” and thats who we are and what we stand for and you are all invited to come along for the ride from field to fork, woods to wall, farm to table, hook to home, we’ll meet you in the freezer.

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