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Why Buy Small

Before we get started I’d like to point out that when it gets down to the nitty gritty I think this is probably one of the most important things that I talk about. Not only am I part of my own small business but I’m a consumer just like you, so believe me when I say I understand both sides in depth. So what’s this about? It’s about money spending one of my favorite past times, and let me tell you I’m pretty damn good at it. You name it I buy it, new guns, more ammo, new clothes, new gear, new toys, new bow, new arrows, new quiver, the list could go on forever. If you are reading this or you are an outdoorsmen you probably understand this just as much as me. Theres something for every season, something for all the weather, from calibers to clothing colors you need different patterns, more power, more storage, bottom line theres always a reason to spend more money. So where do you spend it? Do you go to Dicks Sporting Goods, Gander Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops? Hell even amazon you can get just about everything you need for all things life throws at you. Well while thats all fine and dandy let me tell you where your money goes after you spend it… corporate pockets and deep ones at that. Yeap that hat you bought or that fishing line or that box of shells, profits end up in the bank account of a billionare sitting in a yuppie mansion or a big ol’ ranch somewhere. So why did you go there? Probably convenience, selection, more importantly probably cost it probably was a bit cheaper here than your local mom and pop shop. Well when you buy things by the thousands you get a pretty good deal, you can afford to be 30$ cheaper than that small shop in town. Pallets of ammunition, shirts, guns, and whatever else they buy in mass quantities get shipped in by the truck load for these places and you all line up outside the door waiting to get the best bang for you buck. Im here to tell you that you should reconsider, I know what you are thinking “what the fuck are you talking about, and why would I pay more money and drive an extra 10 minutes?!” The real question is why the fuck wouldnt you!? When you spend money at a local small business you put money in their pockets, in the pockets of your community. If they have more money, and their family has more money they are going to spend it too just like you and I. They might spend it at a local restaurant or boutique, they might spend it at a small car wash or a family run liquor store. The cycle continues and eventually you’ll find that your community is thriving people have more money and people have more pride, your house value might go up in a decade beacuse of it, you or your neighbor might start a business of your own. Im not here to get political or preach economics beacuse I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. But here is a perfect example I bought a trail camera today from a local archery/gun shop, named Aj’s Archery/ The Gun Shop in Cazenovia, NY it was $200. That same camera is $179.99 at Bass Pro Shops, a gun I looked at was $600 and at Bass Pro it might have been $535. So did it cost me a little extra? Yes, but more importantly I supported a good friend and his family and I put money into my communuty instead of a big box store that would love nothing more than his customers. I tell everyone I know to head over there to get what they need, I recommend them anytime someone is looking for a gun or a bow or anything else they have. I tell them head over, tell Adam I sent you and he’ll take care of you. And he will because more importantly you develop relationships with these people, you make connections and they take care of you. Take it from me, I have a restaurant and the more a customer comes in the more attention we pay. Maybe we will send them an appetizer on us or dessert, maybe they prefer a certain server or they like a certain table. Its the things like that make it all worth going. Build a relationship with your local store and maybe if you want something they dont have they’ll do their best to order it, or if they get something they think you’d like they’ll give you a call. At the end of the day its not about who has the cheapest shit or the most variety, its about who your buying it from. Next time you plan to restock, or buy a pole, or a boat, or need a new 4x4 go to a smaller spot and see what they can do for you first.

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